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Skyvision Walk On | Begehbares Oberlicht für Terrassen
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Skyvision Fixed | Feststehendes Oberlicht für Flachdächer - auch mit Komfort-Öffnung verfügbar
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The VitraLight® roof glazing

Vitral VitraLight

The VitraLight flat roof window is an economical, well insulated and easy to install skylight for flat roofs.

The Vitralight flat roof window is completely assembled and delivered so that it only needs to be mounted above the prepared recess in the roof. The frame is highly insulated and has integrated ventilation ducts on all four sides , which prevent condensation in the roof construction. After assembly, the frame is glued for the purpose of a tight seal, for example with roofing felt.


The flat roof window of Vitral has factory sealed, cold bridge insulated A74 glass surfaces in a 45th degree tilt angle. The frame is a sandwich construction with three-layer paint (white) on all interior surfaces. The coverings are made of aluminum, the insulating material of the frame is rock wool 195 mm with vapor barrier on the warning and semipermeable membrane on the cold side. All materials are recyclable.

Glass types

The VitraLight flat roof window comes as standard with argon gas filled two-layer energy saving double glazing and “hot edge” spacing profiles.

The outer pane layer is a tempered safety glass, the inner a laminated safety glass. Other glass versions are available on request.

Airtightness: Class 4, E600 Pa and above, meets passive house standards (EN 12207)
Water resistance: Class E1200 (EN12208)
Breaking strength: Class A Standard
Sound insulation: from 34 dB sound reduction (EN/ISO 717- 1/A1)
Uw-values: Up to 1,04 W/m² K (DS418)
Ug-values: Up to 1,1 W/m² K.

*The U-values ​​of a Vitralight can be determined project-specifically.


Vitralight is available with natural anodized or powder-coated surface, eg. White – RAL 9010 or other RAL colours

Dimensions, possibilities and limits

VitraLight is custom made to measure. We recommend a soffit internal dimension of 1200 x 2400 mm.

Min / Max Internal soffit: 800 – 1500 mm
Min. / Max. Interior soffit: 1500 – 2700 mm
272 mm
Frame height 200 mm
Custom heights on request

The area size of the Vitralight roof glazing depends on the inclination and other static conditions. GSL.GLASOLUX always carries out surface calculations for the specific project.

Opening mechanism

As with our other roof systems, easy to open panels can be installed, which is indistinguishable from the outside.

There are the following options for the opening mechanism

Option 1:

One engine including fittings, engine control and switches.

Option 2:

Two engines including fittings, engine control and switches.

Wind-/ Rainsensor option:

With the wind / rain sensor, the glass panels are automatically closed in bad weather. This sensor can be combined with both options.

Should you consider using VitraLight in conjunction with a central climate control or to centrally control multiple units of VitraLight units please contact us in advance to discuss the necessary details.


Our Vitralight roof glazing has a CE certification according to DS / EN14351-1 and EN12101-2 (smoke extraction / fire protection ventilation)


On the Vitralight roof glazing we give a 5 year product warranty. The opening and automatic devices are guaranteed for 2 years.

Did the Vitralight roof glazing spark your interest? Please contact us for a personal briefing.




VITRAL VitralightVitralight roof glazing

VITRAL Vitralight

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