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Skyvision Walk On | Begehbares Oberlicht für Terrassen
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Skyvision Fixed | Feststehendes Oberlicht für Flachdächer - auch mit Komfort-Öffnung verfügbar
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The saddle roof lights from GSL.GLASOLUX

GSL.GLASOLUX saddle roof lights

Tested and certified Quality : Our saddle roof light is a roof glazing of the highest sustainable quality based on Vitral’s A98 glass roof system or A74 continuous line lighting system with a number of unique features. This saddle roof light has all the usual certifications and complies with the requirements of the Danish Building Regulation Energy Class BR2020, the strictest in the world in terms of CO2 – neutral new buildings.



The frame profiles of the saddle roof lights are thermally separated with cast PUR core. All materials are recyclable.

Glass types

The saddle roof light is supplied either with argon – inert gas filled double or triple energy saving glazing as well as with “warm edge” – distance profiles.

Airtightness: Class 4, E600 Pa and above, meets passive house standards (EN 12207)
Water resistance: Class E1200 (EN12208)
Breaking strength: Class A Standard
Sound insulation: from 34 dB Sound reduction (EN/ISO 717- 1/A1)
Uw-values: from 0,79 W/m² K up to 1,6 W/m² K
Ug-values: from 0,5 W/m² K up to 1,1 W/m² K

*The U-values ​​of a saddle roof light can be determined project-specifically.


The saddle roof light is available either with natural anodized or powder-coated surface in RAL colors of your choice.

Dimensions, possibillities and limitations

Both systems (A74 and A98) are universally applicable and are ideal as saddle roof light.

Profile dimensions
Height: from 74 mm up to 98 mm
Sightline: from 50 mm up to 52 mm
Glazing dimensions
Height: from 250 mm up to 1200 mm
Width: from 250 mm up to 2900 mm
Glazing area: up to 3,0 m²
Mounting inclinations
saddle roof lights: 25 to 60 degrees

The area size of the saddle roof light depends on the inclination and other static conditions. GSL.GLASOLUX always carries out surface calculations for the specific project.

GSL.GLASOLUX also offers a wide range of options with solar control and insulating glass, self-cleaning glass, tinted glass in various shades and sandwich panels. Our glazing systems are delivered pre-assembled and ready for installation to the construction site, which guarantees and ensures consistent construction quality.

Opening mechanism

On the saddle roof light every second panel can serve as a ventilation flap. From the outside and from the inside, the panels are visually identical, and it is not possible to differentiate between ventilation flaps and fixed glazing.


The saddle roof light has a certified CE certification according to DS / EN143511.


On the saddle roof lights we give a 5 year product warranty. The opening and automatic devices are guaranteed for 2 years.

Did the saddle roof lights spark your interest? Please contact us for a personal briefing.


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